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Decorating Your Home With Local Art from Bloomington Indiana

Decorating your home with local art

If These Walls Could Talk

You’ve purchased a new home. You’ve cleaned, painted, moved the furniture in and set up the kitchen…
But those bare walls are begging for something to make this house your home.

Don’t panic!

There are some general guidelines when considering the what, where and how of hanging your precious family pictures, artwork and wall décor. And, incorporating art from your community is a great way to celebrate Bloomington!

It’s important to note that you don’t need something on every single space of wall. Look around your room and decide where you want to draw attention and focus. Sometimes less is more with wall art. Too much and your eye doesn’t know where to land and your room loses its focal point. Not enough and your bare walls seem, well, naked.

Hanging Local Bloomington Art

Deciding what to hang is your first hurdle. What images make you happy? What colors? What style? If your home’s style is very modern, your art and photography and framing should reflect that style. That traditional landscape in the very ornate frame may not be what you want here. Mixing styles can be done, but let’s save that for a future blog post.

Celebrating Local Bloomington Artists

One of the best resources for finding art that you love can be right in your own community. Here in Bloomington, we have many local artists that work in a wide variety of styles. Whether you’re looking for art that reflects community or natural surroundings, portraiture or just something colorful and fun, you can find it here! The following are just some of the offerings from which to choose:

Joel Washington

For a colorful, funky, and fun vibe, you could take a look at Joel Washington’s portraiture. You just might find someone you know or admire amongst his subjects. Learn more at

Meg Lagodzki

For paintings that reflect our Indiana natural landscape and a study of quarries and their composition and shapes, Meg Lagodzki’s artwork is captivating. Learn more at .

Elizabeth Busey

For an intricate study of patterns in both nature and manmade objects, Elizabeth Busey’s monoprint collages and reduction linocuts have abstracted patterns that feel both energizing and familiar. Learn more at

Where to Hang Your Art

Deciding where to hang your artwork is as equally important as what you hang. Make sure that the wall area where you want to hang your art is the correct size and shape for the artwork you have. A general rule of thumb is to match your artwork’s orientation to the shape of the wall area. For instance, a vertical piece of art should be placed in a vertical space on the wall. A horizontal piece of art in the same space will look awkward and feel off to the eye. This would be true even if you have a composition of art or a gallery wall. As a whole, these presentations should also match the space.

How to Hang Local Art

Make sure you have the necessary tools and hardware suited for your wall material and the size and weight of your artwork. Wall anchors are paramount to assure that the weight of the artwork doesn’t pull the screw or nail from the wall or tear the drywall.

Speaking of drywall, most houses built before the 1950s actually have plaster walls, and that dear friends, is a whole different ballgame… Having a friend that is handy with a drill and knows how to measure is a real plus here as well. Or, if you’re part of the minority that can work well on projects with your spouse and partner, then yay, you!

If you’re still in doubt about what to do, you can always hire an interior designer to help you find the perfect place for all of your existing wall décor or assist you in procuring new artwork that matches your taste and aesthetic style.

Treasure Your Bloomington Art

Investing in local art can be both enjoyable and rewarding in that you will not
only decorate your walls, but you will be adding to your personal collection that will hopefully retain its value for decades to come.

Bringing the community into your home with pieces from local artisans is a great way to connect with your neighbors and make your new house feel more like a home!

If you have additional questions about decorating your home, connect with Griffin Realty agent, Janie AckermanWhen you need someone to lean on, lean on G!

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